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Ripple Lianyi Chen

Ripple Lianyi Chen is a Textiles Artist and innovator, who graduated from (Textiles) Royal College of Art and (Fashion Design and Material

Science) Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. She mainly based in London and Beijing, Her works focusing on Future Textiles and Sustainability,

Ripple Design Co., Ltd

Ripple Design Co., Ltd was established in Beijing, rooted in the research of recyclable new materials, but engaged in a collection of multiple design disciplines and research, public welfare cooperation, educational workshops and projects dedicated to the commercialization of recyclable new materials throughout the industry. The common interest and focus on art, culture, society and environment enables the studio to dig up different backgrounds for unexpected stories, details or neglected materials and techniques. Every project undertaken by the studio is an opportunity to connect rationality with sensibility, building a bridge between artistic aesthetics and solving actual or potential environmental problems for the Earth.

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